Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Bor Nahan

Note: This post will eventually discuss the details of Kiaan's bor nahan, but for now it talks mostly about what bor nahan is, since it's not a common ceremony outside of Maharashtra.

"Bor nahan" literally translated to "berry shower." It is a celebration of baby's first Sankranti (some people also do it for the first five years). As with any Indian ritual honoring someone where all the older women closely related to the baby (mother, aunts, grandmothers etc.) shower him/her with love and blessings for a healthy and prosperous life, in the form of berries, preferably Indian Jujube, puffed rice, tilgul (sesame seeds coated with sugar) and other sweets/goodies. Children are invited to the ceremony to partake in the festivities. They gather around the baby and collect the goodies that roll off him, much like a piñata, but you don't hit anything (or anyone) with sticks 😄

What to wear: Traditionally women wear black and gold for Sankranti but you don't have to! Wear anything colorful.

Should I bring gifts?: While people traditionally used to get presents for the baby, these days kids get presents way more frequently than before... Birthdays, naming ceremonies, Raksha-bandhan, Diwali, Christmas, you name it. So presents are neither expected nor necessary for Bor-nahan.

Will there be food?: Duh. What's a party without food? You can expect some lights snacks, appetizers and sweets.

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